Weekly Shop Rides~Wednesday Night Returns!

Wednesday Night Road Ride

After our little hiatus from our Wednesday night group rides in 2017, we’ve decided to resume our ride again!  We really missed seeing everyone’s sweaty faces Wednesday night, along with the camaraderie.  So starting the first Wednesday in May 2018 our rides will once again resume.  We hope to see everyone back, and look forward to another great year of rides.  The pace will average around 18/19 mph, with sprints for the stop ahead signs, and then regroup .  This will be a no drop ride, like it’s always been.  Bring your friends, lights, and don’t forget your helmet.

Thursday Night Mountain Ride

We plan on continuing our “unofficial” mountain bike ride that will leave around 5:30 Thursday nights, and hit up Greenbush, Reforestation, and Hartman Creek trails, starting in May or whenever the trails open.  This will be a ride at your own pace, with the idea there will be other riders out on the trail with you.  For more information on each week’s ride, click here for events on our Facebook page.  Cheers and ever changing gears! – Niki Worden

2015 ride picture 2

2015 Group Ride