About Us


Niki Marquette


As long as she can remember, Niki has always wanted to have her own bike shop.  She’s competed since 1993 and raced for national teams like Gary Fisher Racing (BMX).  She won the Gold Cup (in Sedalia, MO for BMX), raced at Grand Nationals and Race of Champions (BMX), and won a state cycle cross title, and podium-ed at Noque Fatbike World Championships in Marquette, MI. BMX progressed into racing road and then into cyclecross and onto mountain & fat biking.  In 1996 she started working in the bike industry. Even with her store and daughters, she still finds time to race and compete.

  • In winter she loves fat biking and competing.  She also enjoys skiing and snowshoeing.
  • In warmer seasons, she enjoys going mountain biking, and hitting up the many scenic roads on her road bike, and riding with Reece on her Burly Piccolo.
  • When she isn’t on the bike or in the store, she loves bow hunting and water skiing.



Scot & Niki

Scot is an avid mountain biker, and started racing back in 1996.  He also enjoys road biking, when he can’t get out on the trail.   Some of his favorite places to ride are Marquette Michigan, Little Switzerland and locally, Greenbush…. really any place that will allow his tires to leave the ground.  Scot has been working on bikes since the mid 90’s, even working in another local shop for several years.

Reece & Jade (our girls):


Miss Reecie



Niki’s little girl, Reece, knows her way around the bike shop, and is more than happy to show you (in her opinion) the best Stinger bar, and floor pump. 🙂  In her free time Reece enjoys wheeling around on her sweet pink SE Bronco, going down big slides, playing with chalk, and doing gymnastics.

Scot’s little girl, Jade, enjoys mountain biking with the family, and cruising around town checking out all the fun little stores down town.  Jade is an avid gymnast, loves reading, and doing any crafts.




Pete has ridden and repaired bikes for most of his life and his bike is his preferred method of transportation around town. In college, he worked at a bike and ski shop where he learned to assemble, repair, and appreciate bikes. He has toured throughout much of the United States on his bike, first with his wife and later with his kids. He repaired bikes out of his home for friends and family through most of his adult life. His recently volunteered at St. Vincent de Paul where he had been their bike mechanic for eight years. In the fall of 2012 he joined us at Chain Reaction.

Lindsay Motorcycle



Lindsay joined Chain Reaction Cyclery in the summer of 2012. She is learning all things bike from Niki and Pete. When she’s not at the shop, she enjoys taking her dog, Cooper, for walks around the dog park and sailing with her family. She is a currently attending UW-Milwaukee where she enjoys biking and running along the trails. However, her favorite trail to ride on is the Elroy/Sparta trail. On occasion, she enjoys riding on a big, bad motor-scooter at the Harley-Davidson museum. 😉




Our friendly, little curly-tailed shop Pug loves going for bike rides with us in her Burley Tail Wagon trailer.  Izzy looks forward to her daily walks with her buddies Anna, Olivia, and Morgan.  She loves a scratch on the head or a treat when people come in, and is always up for a good game of fetch with her stuffed duck.

Anna, Olivia, Morgan Izzy Photo


Anna started out as our official Izzy walker, and now works part time around the shop helping out.  She is a student at Appleton West, and is on the West tennis team.

Olivia and Morgan:

This group of gals is Izzy’s walking team.  This clan joined our shop 2 years ago to help Izzy maintain her slim and trim curly pug tailed self.   You can tell it’s time for Izzy’s walk, by her excited barking that can be heard echoing down the street, and it’s always fun to watch her sail across her gate with her harness still latched.  🙂

Now that you know a little about us, we’d love to know a little about you so stop in soon!
We’re looking forward to meeting you.